Former Director of Security, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Senior Advisor

Stephen M. Perron, a distinguished leader with a 35-year career with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), served as the CIA’s Director of Security, from 2018-2020, where he was responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive security program in support of the agency’s key mission imperatives.

Stephen is a trusted authority who has led key strategic initiatives across the Cyber, Personnel, and Physical Security disciplines –  resulting in impactful data driven risk management decisions in an evolving and dynamic threat environment. His unmatched experience in personnel and physical security offers executive leadership and Boards mission-critical strategic counsel in any challenging environment.

With growing concerns around insider threats and malicious nation-state actors, Stephen plays an integral role in advising organizations on multi-layered approaches to mitigating security risks in today’s complex environment.

In his role as Director of Security, Stephen delivered trusted and authoritative security support that provided speed, reach, scale and agility for CIA’s global operations. He was responsible for the development and deployment of the appropriate risk mitigation strategy across the full threat spectrums in hundreds of countries from fully developed and developing nations, to austere environments and active conflict areas.

Stephen has held numerous roles at CIA including Deputy Director of Security and Senior Security Officer for National Clandestine Service. There he led a newly formed Group, merging distinct and disparate security services into an integrated and collaborative group, focused on enhancing current and developing new capabilities across the force-protection, physical security equipment, and signals and wireless security spectrum.

During his career, Stephen effectively led and managed the day-to-day operations of a multi thousand-person workforce of staff and contractor personnel charged with the provision of best-in-class security services in support of CIA operations. He served on key United States Government (USG) panels such as the Intelligence Community Security Directors and the Trusted Workforce 2.0 Executive Steering Group which drove strategic evolution of the security discipline across the USG.

Stephen had been recognized with numerous and prestigious awards for his service.