Resolute Strategic Services advises C-suite and boards on security and geopolitical risks shaping our world and impacting their enterprises. We advise executive leadership through their digital transformations and operational risks in an ever-changing and challenging environment. Our elite team is comprised of the world’s foremost experts in security, regulatory, political and reputation risk management with decades of public and private sector experience.

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Cybersecurity Regulation & Planning for a Cyber Incident Webinar

In 2024, cybercriminals will continue to hunt and hurt organizations by stealing data belonging to their consumers, employees and business partners. This, coupled with the advent of Generative Artificial Intelligence and the possibility of Artificial General Intelligence – adversarial AI – create a significant risk for organizations and boards of directors.

Disclosure requirements will also increase with a patchwork of new regulations requiring information sharing with quick turnaround times, in some instances 3 or 4 days. Join us as we discuss how the interplay between cybersecurity, legal, public relations, and insurance considerations can help organizations avoid being the next cautionary tale. CLE credit pending.

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