Founder | Managing Partner

Greg Goldner is a strategic force who can breakthrough politics, policy and the status quo to help clients achieve their business goals.

In 2002, Greg founded Resolute and continues to earn the trust of Fortune 100 CEOs, industry association executives and policy makers with his forward-looking 360° business insights, his acutely perceptive strategic thinking and his renowned public affairs expertise on the local, state and national levels. He is sought after for his unsparing, often prescient, assessment of the financial and business consequences of systems, structures and decision making.

Greg is exceptionally skilled at taking on complex issues, reframing them into compelling narratives and determining key stakeholders to address a client’s issue or opportunity. He is recognized for his ability to provide leadership in contentious situations, promote collaboration and build consensus among opposing parties.

Twice named by Chicago Magazine as one of the most powerful people in Chicago, Greg seamlessly applies his national and global experience nationally to every sector – finance, transportation and infrastructure, technology and civic – achieving outstanding results for clients and positioning them for future growth.

As clients face a world of accelerated risk and opportunity, Greg saw there was a pressing need to respond to the market with clarity by offering bold, innovative solutions. He determined that the magnitude and pervasiveness of digital transformation, operational risks and tough policy regulations in a challenging global environment required an elite response that transcended a traditional public affairs firm and better met specific client needs.

Today, the Resolute Family of Companies includes Resolute. Public Affairs, Resolute. Strategic Services and Resolute-DC. Each independent company offers clients access to exceptional teams with the powerful experience to assist them as they navigate challenges, opportunities and the drivers of change throughout the country and the world.