Executive Vice President

Neil H. Simon is a long-time communications and government professional with experience working in Washington, D.C., Europe and across the US West. Neil brings award-winning media, cybersecurity, policy, and crisis communications experience to Resolute.

As a former journalist, Neil advises Resolute clients on strategic communication plans and media relations, bringing his unique ability to find powerful characters and storylines that resonate and drive new narratives. Having designed and facilitated cybersecurity trainings for Fortune 500 companies, he can guide C-suite executives through crisis situations.

Neil has held public diplomacy leadership roles for the U.S. government and international organizations. He ably guided the European Union through its public engagement in the US. He managed a six-year public diplomacy project funded by the EU aimed at strengthening EU-U.S. relations.

Prior to Resolute, Neil managed a 35-person communications and public engagement team as the director of communications at the Portland, Ore., regional government, Metro.

After the September 11 attacks, Neil was selected as an American Political Science Association Congressional Fellow, during which he was one of the first legislative staffers to work on cybersecurity and promote inter-agency and public-private information sharing through national homeland security legislation.

Neil’s policy work has resulted in state and federal laws that increase transparency in the fields of energy, improved port and homeland security, and electoral governance.

Neil designed a custom 12-week cybersecurity curriculum and tabletop exercises for Gartner and scores of Fortune 500 and public sector clients, helping security leaders improve their crisis preparedness, detection, and response efforts.

After working on the first sanctions against Russia during the Obama Administration, Neil went on to be based in Denmark and a career working on international human rights, economic and environmental cooperation and democracy promotion.

He is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker, having produced the first film featuring survivors from an FBI-run World War II Japanese Internment Camp, as well as other productions about women in politics, the power of bipartisanship, the rise of New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, and municipal smoking bans.

Neil has a passion for connecting people and using creative media and digital tools to improve civic action, as seen through his publications on diplomacy, public engagement and documentary films on politics and civil rights.

Neil holds bachelor’s degrees in journalism and political science from Northwestern University and is completing an executive master’s in public administration at Portland State University.